How One Couple’s Philosophy Guides an
Entire Company of Dedicated Caregivers

In the 1980s, Wendell and Muriel Brown, both nurses, opened their hearts and their home to a few individuals with mental challenges. As you would expect, they completed paperwork correctly, followed processes and procedures properly, and met state regulations. But they never lost sight of what mattered most to them—making sure the most vulnerable members of society received the caring support they need and deserve. They were passionate about it, and their residents loved them for it.

When Wendell and Muriel retired, their daughter Carol Howard and her husband Terry began managing what had become an 8-bed CBRF.

Christopher Howard now manages Brown’s Living.

Carol and Terry’s son Christopher would soon join “Browns Living.” Since then, the family business has grown to provide management services to dozens of homes throughout the state that specialize in providing care to those with complex behaviors.

Terry & Carol enjoy working together and helping complex individuals.

While the Browns Living corporate structure provides professional support and oversight to the homes we manage, Wendell and Muriel’s philosophies continue to inspire every employee to treat all residents with the respect and care they deserve.

To Refer An Individual

with complex behaviors call Browns Living.