Quality Care


We Welcome the Most Complex Placements


We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a fulfilling life within the community—no matter what behavioral challenges they may face. We have experience working with the most complex cases, and we admit the individuals that most other providers turn away. With the appropriate staffing support, home modifications, and care plans, every resident can be given the opportunity to live successfully within the community.

Many times, a person will bounce between various residential providers and state institutions before finally finding long-term stability at a Browns Living home.

When a resident has a violent or disruptive behavior in one of our homes, it doesn’t prompt an emergency discharge. Instead, it prompts a meeting with the resident’s support team to collaboratively make adjustments to the care plan to help reduce or prevent the target behavior in the future. This collaboration and determination is the key to achieving a successful long-term placement.

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Trauma-Informed Care

The service we deliver is guided by Trauma Informed Care (TIC) principles. We recognize that a person’s past has a tremendous impact on how they perceive their current world and how they respond to it.

Through education, understanding, and individuated approaches to assessment, planning, and care, our staff support each resident with the empathy and sensitivity they need.

Our goal is to teach effective and positive coping skills and strategies that encourage the opportunity to achieve more independent living. Some residents may eventually move to lesser restrictive environments. Other residents may remain at a Browns Living home where they enjoy long-term stability—perhaps for the first time in their lives. Either way, we help every resident progress each day toward their successful outcome goal.

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