Real, Meaningful, “Person-Centered” Care


The premier assisted living management company in Wisconsin, specializing in providing quality, person-centered care to individuals with complex behavioral challenges.

For Browns Living, “person-centered” care means training staff to support the unique behaviors of the individual under our care. It means modifying a home to cater specifically to a particular resident’s needs. It means working with each resident’s support team— care managers, guardians, family, health care professionals, and more—to develop a care plan that gives the resident his or her best chance for long-term success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide individuals to achieve an enhanced quality of life by providing person-centered service, compassionate care, and successful outcomes.


“Congratulations on your recent deficiency-free survey. We appreciate partnering with dedicated providers.”

Sarah McMillan
Sarah McMillanCommunity Living Resource Specialist

“I have not seen such comprehensive documentation in years. It really helps us know what was happening and what interventions worked. Your hard work and patience is so appreciated!”

Mary Perez
Mary PerezCare Manager

“Thank you for your commitment to hiring the right staff and providing them with adequate training to feel supported doing one of the most difficult jobs around.”

David Serns
David SernsChief Operating Officer

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