To refer an individual with behavioral challenges to Browns Living, Call: 715-240-8016
Welcome To Browns Living

Welcome To Browns Living

The Premier assisted living management company in Wisconsin, specializing in providing quality, person-centered care to individuals with complex behavioral challenges.

For Browns Living, “Person-Centered” Care means training staff to support the unique behaviors of the individual under our care. It means modifying a home to cater specifically to the resident's needs. It means working with each resident's support team for the best chance of long-term success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide and care for individuals with complex behaviors to achieve a quality of life in the community.

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About Us


The premier assisted living management company in Wisconsin, specializes in the care of members with behaviors stemming from Traumatic Brain Injury (T.B.I.), Developmental Disability (D.D.), and Mental Illness (M.I.) diagnosis. Our facilities and staff are uniquely equipped & trained to care for individuals that require a high staffing pattern with 1:1 and 2:1 Caregiver to Resident ratios.

Our Mission


Our mission is to guide and care for individuals with behavioral challenges to achieve a quality of life in the community.


Our Vision


To achieve this mission, we strive to be recognized as the premier, preferred provider of behavioral group homes. We provide individualized care and services in pursuit of personal growth for our residents. We offer compassionate care in our safe, loving, and welcoming homes.

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Stephanie Armstrong, CAO

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Browns Living. If you have a specific individual in mind who could benefit from our services, we would love to partner with you.

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Browns Living Creates Environments Across Wisconsin to Support Residents with Behavioral Challenges


Browns Living manages at least one home in the following cities. New homes are created on a regular basis for residents with specific behavioral support needs.

Wausau Area
Wisconsin Rapids

Fond du Lac Area
Sheboygan Falls
Fond du Lac

Eau Claire Area
Fall Creek

Milwaukee Area Milwaukee

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Join The Brown's Living Care Team

Are you currently employed as a caregiver? Interested in a new career as a Caregiver? With Browns Living, you’ll get low- cost insurance, great recognition, and bonuses! Do you want to just care for one resident on your shift? Do you want to work with kind, supportive co-workers? Browns Living offers advancement opportunities in this rewarding career! Learn more about receiving a sign-on and referral bonus now!


Our strong reputation for delivering superior care begins with our skilled, caring, hardworking employees.


Many individuals begin working for Browns Living as Resident Assistants to gain valuable experience. Some work as Browns Living Resident Assistants while completing college courses in psychology, sociology, criminal justice, and other fields. Others start with Browns Living as Resident Assistants before moving up to become Browns Living leads, managers, and regional directors. As these employees gain the experience they need to move on with their careers, it creates frequent opportunities for others to begin their journeys as Browns Living Resident Assistants.


Jobs are available in the following areas of the state:


  • Fall Creek
  • Wausau 
  • Wisconsin Rapids
  • Stevens Point
  • Sheboygan Fall 
  • Fond du Lac
  • Oshkosh
  • Milwaukee


We’ll help you reach your full potential


Browns Living provides the tools, training, resources, and motivation to help every employee reach their full potential and deliver the best care possible. If you are naturally caring, friendly, hard-working, dedicated, honest, and loyal, you have what it takes to become a member of the Browns Living team. Once you join our team, the sky is the limit! As our companies continue to grow, you will have opportunities to advance in your responsibilities and wages as you gain more skills and experience.